Slaters is the moniker of Brooklyn based production duo Al Carlson and Alex Craig.The two arrived at music production via somewhat different paths; Carlson is a jazz musician turned sound engineer/mixer, while Craig toured as a guitarist with several indie-pop and shoegaze acts.A few years into their respective NYC music paths, they found themselves paired together in multiple recording sessions at Carlson’s Greenpoint studio. Over time they discovered that they shared a mutual taste in not only more experimental-leaning sounds, but also a love for contemporary pop music and a desire to write and produce for others. In the summer of 2016, they joined forces to form Slaters. What started as an idea to make tracks simply for fun took a more serious turn when other artists and writers started to take interest. 
In their first year the duo has collaborated with a plethora of NYC and LA based artists and recently contributed writing and production to records by VERITE and Superfruit.As voracious music fans with an almost encyclopedic obsession with music history, Slaters draw from an endlessly varied set of influences. Motown, noise music, 90s alternative, r&b, and early aughts teen pop are all styles that are just as likely to be blended together within any given Slaters production. It’s an eclectic brand of future pop that is equal parts forward looking and nostalgic.The duo’s first release under their own name, “Danger”, is a collaboration with NYC by way of Nigeria artist Toulouse that will be released November 2017 via Terrible Records. It’s a soulful banger dressed in gauzy textures and sharp sonic details that serves as a fine introduction to Slaters’ world of sound.