Cara Stricker the Australian born multi- disciplinary artist, photographer, director and curator of both visual and sonic fields and John Kirby (Sebastien Tellier / Blood Orange), keyboardist, producer and songwriter, introduce a new music series which offers an intimate exploration of the collaborative process between artists. The duo have lived, created and experienced their evolving art, and most recently, they performed a collaborative piece .

The concept of DROOL, their 2015 record, came about as a natural progression from the previous collaboration between Cara Stricker and John Kirby, ‘ Make Love to the World’. DROOL’s music seeks to examine sex as a concept of experiential utopia, rather than the form in which it exists in humanity, isolated. It’s a dream-like space where you can experience a very open-minded way of living without the boundaries that our logical world has placed on us, exploring the conversation of universal consciousness, beyond sexism, toward sex, equality and unity. 
The soundscape, industrially psych, new wave album, is embodied through female musicians performing that which is DROOL. An intimate exploration of utopic vision, and the female essence, of which to hopefully disintegrate the boundaries between the sexes, and inspire the continuum of existence. DROOL is performed by Cara with a legion of female tranquility. At its core, Stricker and Madeline O’Moore, are joined by their family of instrumentalist’s invited abroad, the sound lends itself to instinct and intuition, capturing the delicate sensual nature and expression of this project.